The Physical Fitness Exam: Will You Make it or Break it?

28 May

Sit-ups, the shuttle run, pull-ups, and the ever dreadful mile. Without even saying the name, you already know what I am talking about—The Physical Fitness exam. The horrifying exam is made to test all the blood, sweat, and tears the gym teachers put into each class. It is required by the state that each student take participate in the exam.

Mr. Brubaker, gym teacher at WGHS, says that not every student tries their best on the exam.

“At least 50% of the students try their best on the exam,” said Brubaker. “No one student is the best on every test.”

The Physical Fitness exam gives kids a base line on their physical fitness year-to-year. The New York  State wants students to try and become fit. NYS is issuing the Carol M. White Physical Education Program local area schools that show improvement in physical fitness scores. This exam will initiate, expand, and improve physical education for students K-12. Recipients of the grant must implement programs that help students make progress toward meeting the state standards. The grant can be worth $100,000 and up to $750,000 per school.

Mariah Brisbois, senior at WGHS, says that it is obvious as to who participates on the exam and who doesn’t.

“Students just want to prove that they don’t have to do it,” Brisbois said. “You should at least put effort into doing the exam.”

With the current distaste towards the exam, there will be more to come. The grant will require students to take the exam twice—once in the beginning of the year and once at the end. This will show the progress of the students through the course of the year and won’t affect your grade.

As for the participation of the students, having the exam twice a year might affect that percentage.

“I think the reason kids don’t participate is because they are too embarrassed about performing,” Brubaker said.

Some people do view the exam as a little easy and could be harder to text their level of fitness. The Physical Fitness exam has been happening annually for over 45 years and has recently involved 4th grade for the past 6 years. Hopefully, this grant allows the school to develop, expand, and improve the existing physical education. If students realized how the exam and the grant affect our physical education, they would participate and put effort into the exam.

“This is a good way to test your level of fitness and could be a little harder,” Brisbois said.

This is a fair test required by the state and not just a waste of time. In the years to come, we will be seeing more sit-ups, pull-ups, and a lot more running. So prepare yourselves for the most dreadful physical exam you have seen in your life.

By Abigail Rundle


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