Frozen Treats — Who Does it Better?

22 May


            Spring fever has officially hit! Temperatures are rising, plants have started to bloom, and the grass is returning back to its soft, springy self. While many are taking out their lighter wardrobe of sandals and shorts, a familiar delicacy returns into their minds: ice cream. Nothing tastes better on a warm breezy day than a frozen sweet treat.

            Recently, two very popular ice cream shops in Watkins have reopened for the season: The Great Escape and the Glen Dairy Bar. They both sell similar items, but what makes a person choose to eat at one over the other?

            To discover this answer, I devised an experiment in which a blind taste-test would be held. Four subjects were chosen, two male and two female, to sample products from each of the ice cream shops. Three staple items were picked to be judged. These included vanilla soft serve ice cream, a chocolate milkshake, and a cherry slushie.

            Sounds simple enough, right? I thought it was almost too simple, so I added an additional variable in the taste testing – Burger King! Not only are the two most popular ice cream shops competing, but they’re also being compared to a fast food restaurant’s products.

            The first sample consisted of each establishment’s vanilla soft serve ice cream. 75% of the subjects chose the Great Escape as having the tastiest. A few of the words used to describe the taste and texture were “really creamy,” “thick,” and “a very strong flavor.” Although three out of the four participants chose The Great Escape as having the best, all 3 of those subjects had strikingly similar descriptions of the Glen Dairy Bar’s vanilla ice cream.

            The second sample was of a chocolate milkshake. Surprisingly, there were complaints made towards all three of the different samples by all of the taste-testers. They didn’t like how sweet all the milkshakes were – one even claimed it tasted like straight chocolate syrup. 75% of the participants however chose The Great Escape again as having the most appealing milkshake. The deciding factor was that it wasn’t too sweet.

            The third and final sample was a cherry slushie from each business. The results from this sample proved very surprising. 75% of the taste-testers chose Burger King’s slushie over both ice cream parlors. They liked its bright color and how it was smooth, but still icy. All participants agreed that The Great Escape’s slushie was extremely unappealing. The Glen Dairy Bar’s had abnormally large chunks of ice in it that kept it cold for longer, but irritated many of the participants.

            It can be concluded if you’re looking for the best vanilla ice cream cone or chocolate milkshake, you can head on down to the Great Escape. However if a cherry slushie is of more to your liking, you may want to try Burger King’s “Icee.”


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