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Cutting Class

20 Mar
Zack Kelly and Jacob Slater Dissecting fetal pigs.

Zack Kelly and Jacob Slater Dissecting fetal pigs.


By Becca McIntyre

On Thursday the 7th Mrs. Bartholomew’s Ace Biology class dissected fetal pigs in the study of human development.

“Unlike frogs, pigs are closer in development to humans thus, why I chose them for this purpose,” Mrs. Bartholomew stated. “Since, we aren’t amphibians after all.”

Just after the A.C.E. Biology class Mrs. Bartholomew noticed there were still several pigs left to dissect.

“Unlike other animals used for dissection, the fetal pigs don’t stay as fresh for as long,” she said.

With this Mrs. Bartholomew had offered her next period class to dissect the extra fetal pigs. Mrs. Bartholomew noted that there were only a few kids in her next class when she said.

“All the kids were well behaved to start, however a student, one in particular, decided to ruin the privilege.”

The student will remain unnamed due to the request of Mrs. Bartholomew.

“He was violently cutting open the fetal pig while making oinking noises and crushing the internal organs,” Mrs. Bartholomew stated. “Not the best example of how to dissect an animal.”

The hallways reeked of a disgusting odor, “like dead flesh” a passerby remarked.

“The smell was so gross,” another one replied.

Other than the smell, Mrs. Bartholomew said that “most students were okay seeing and taking action in dissecting the fetal pigs. Though the scalpels were dull and the pig skin thick the students progressed well.”

Mrs. Bartholomew also stated that students who were uncomfortable with dissecting a “real” animal could leave and preform a virtual dissection in another room.

With the unfortunate occurrence of a student causing mayhem in the classroom there will no longer be anymore “traditional” dissection in Mrs. Bartholomew’s classes.

While the A.C.E. Biology class enjoyed dissecting the fetal pigs, cow eyes, and sheep hearts, it seems the classes to come are no longer allowed to enjoy this learning experience because of one student and his lack of knowledge when it comes to dissection do’s and don’ts.